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    your tax efficient

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    cooperation with us is your way to sucess

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    we don't promise, we act


Welcome to Fiduciaire Reddani SA

We are an independent Fiduciaire, or Accounting Firm, based in Nyon, Switzerland (near Geneva).
We pride ourselves on the professionalism of the service we offer our customers, who come from all over Western Europe. We offer comprehensive accounting service for both individuals and corporations, as well as Private Administration services.

Based in Nyon, Fiduciaire Reddani is fully familiar with local and national requirements regarding administration and statutory reporting requirements.  We further pride ourselves on the high level of personal service that we offer, based on a tradition of mutual trust.

We are able to offer a number of additional services in the Nyon area, as well as internationally.  We have a select network of closely affiliated parties working across Western Europe, and can actively assist in many more fields than just being a traditional Fiduciaire.